2016 US Nationals – Event Site Live

The event site for the 2016 49er / 49erFX US Nationals is now up and running!

The event will run Sept 16 – 18, 2016 in Oyster Bay, NY – graciously hosted by the Oakcliff Sailing Centre. Pre registration ends Sept 5, 2016 – so register ASAP!

See you there!


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2016 NA Webpage Now Live


The webpage for the 2016 49e NA Champs in Newport is now live! NOR is up and Registration is open! Early bird registration ends July 31st so, be sure to register asap.

See you there!

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Get To Know Your Olympians

Here’s a great article from the Expedia website about Paris & Helena:

By Matt Villano

Chatting with Olympians about sailing challenges, traveling with Expedia

Expedians will be cheering for all of the U.S. Olympians at this summer’s Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, but we’re reserving some extra-special cheers for Paris Henken and Helena Scutt. In addition to being all-around great gals, the two comprise the U.S. Sailing Team’s representatives for the women’s 49er FX, one of the fastest races on the water. Helena, 23, also is what we here in Bellevue, Washington, consider to be a local girl—she’s from Seattle. (Paris, 20, is from San Clemente, California, which isn’t that far away either.) We were jazzed to hear that the young women book all of their travel—by themselves, mind you—on Expedia. So I recently caught up with them on Skype to talk about their booking strategies, their training routines, and how they’ll approach the big event this summer in Brazil.

Matt Villano (MV): From where am I talking to the two of you right now?

Helena Scutt (HS): We’re in Mallorca, off the coast of Barcelona. We’re training here. Most places in Europe are too cold to sail right now but here it’s warm.

MV: Mallorca this month, Brazil this summer. You guys live in the U.S. Sounds like a ton of travel.

HS: Yeah, travel is a really cool part of this sport. Personally I always have traveled a lot. I was born in England. My whole family is British. We moved to Seattle when I was 2, but I’ve been back to England a lot. When I was a kid for sailing I went to France and Spain and the Bahamas and Italy. This whole Olympic campaign—that’s what we call it when you’re trying to go to the Olympics—it’s taken travel to the next level. I really like seeing new places and different cultures. The food is amazing too.

Paris Henken (PH): The food! I can’t say my favorite, but I know most of the time when we go out, we try to order something specific to the region. Something that’s local.

HS: In Argentina, we tried chicken gizzards. I wouldn’t say they were my favorites, but we tried them. In Rio they have those barbecue restaurants where they keep bringing food, the churrascos. I’m looking forward to that.

MV: When you visit these new places, do you ever have time to sightsee?

HS: We do, but it’s nothing like going on vacation in terms of being able to do everything you like to do. We’re usually able to fit in a couple of days during the training, and another day or two of the end. When we’re exploring, those are some of my best memories, since after a while the training blends together. You have a lot of hours in the water and a lot of hours in the gym. Those little trips going to see a castle or hiking up a mountain nearby really stick in your mind.

MV: Training sounds intense. What’s it like?

PH: Training usually [comprises] waking up and going to the gym in the morning. We have a trainer who will give us a schedule of exercises to do at the gym. We come back and eat breakfast. Each day we sit down with coach and talk about something we want to focus on for the day. Some days it’s boat speed. Other days it’s boat handling. We usually train for two or three hours a day. Sometimes we’ll do it for four hours, but that’s a long day. We come back home. Usually make dinner. Then our coach will sit down with us show us the video he took of us throughout the day, critique things we did wrong, tell us what we did well and share with us what we need to do to improve.

HS: We’ve trained a ton this year; there are no such things as weekends when you’re training for the Olympics. In 2015, we trained for 114 days and we raced for 65 days. In total we were on the water for 179 days. That’s excluding all the travel.

MV: What’s the biggest challenge of managing the training and the travel and life?

HS: Logistics is a big one. We just spent five days traveling from the United States to the UK to get our car and our boats. We couldn’t rent a car because we’re so young. Also, no cars let you put boats on the roof, so we had to buy a car. Last year we had events on three continents – North America, South America, and Europe. Logistics of all the shipping is another dimension. We do all the planning, and we most recently split a container to get the boats home.

MV: How do you try to make it easier on yourselves?

HS: Step no. 1 is booking with Expedia. One time after trials we needed to buy ticket back home from Miami. I booked it to Seattle. Within 24 hours I realized that I needed to go to Paris’ house, in San Diego. I was able to cancel the original flight for free. Expedia made it easy. I also really like the mobile app for booking hotels. The other day, we arrived in Spain on the ferry from the UK. We arrived in Bilbao and we had to go and get our trailer in a city an hour away. On the way back, we booked our hotel in Bilbao for the night with the Expedia app on my phone. It was really convenient. And it was nice to know we didn’t have to worry.

MV: In addition to our app, what else do you consider to be your must-have travel items?

PH: We do try not to pack too big. It’s hard. Half our suitcases are filled with sailing equipment. We hit the max of weight for each bag. If it’s over 50 pounds, we’ll start pulling out all of our blocks and screws.

HS: TSA pulled me aside on the way here. One of my carry-on bags was just ropes. He pulled out all the ropes. He asked me what all of it is for.

PH: Sometimes we travel with sails. We have these big tubes for them. We haven’t had any trouble with them yet but sometimes we need to talk to customer service managers to make sure they let us fly with them.

HS: I always travel with earplugs and an eyeshade and headphones. Mine aren’t marked as noise canceling but they do a pretty good job at that, even if you just turn them on and don’t play any music. You don’t look very cool but who cares.

MV: What are your rituals when you get to a new city?

HS: We don’t usually do stuff right when we arrive because we’re focused to get the boat ready and hit ground running as soon as our coach arrives. Within a few days, we usually hear from other sailors where the cool places are to go.

PH: Sometimes we’ll get out on the water right away, too, just to get a sense of currents and wind. We actually will have sailed in Rio three times before the Olympics. It’s a very interesting place to sail.

MJV: Will you have family members joining you at this year’s Olympics?

HS: My parents and my grandmother and two of my aunts and uncles and my sister are coming down. One of my aunts is going to be second in command for the sound and audio systems for the opening and closing ceremonies. She’s been in the industry for a long time. That’ll be really cool. We’re all really excited. We’ll be focused and not interacting with them much while we’re racing in order to keep it like other events as much as possible. Afterward we’ll get to spend more time with them.

PH: The team is like family, too. Before the Olympics they’ll have a house and we’ll go over there every dinner and their cook will cook for us. For the games we’ll move in to the athlete village.

MV: Is there anything in particular you hope to do while you’re in Brazil?

PH: We made it up Sugarloaf last time but we still haven’t been to Christ the Redeemer, so I really want to do that. It’s a classic thing. I don’t think we’ll have time for it but there’s an island off the coast called Isla Granda. That’d be fun if we have time.

MV: And because we know you’re going to win it, how will you celebrate a gold medal?

HS: With my family. They weren’t at any Olympic selection events but they were at the Pan-American Games, where we got bronze. That was really special for me.

PH: Well the first thing I’m going to do is celebrate with my family, too. Helena and I are pretty close, and our families are pretty close as well. I imagine we’ll all be together. But after that, I’m going to go out Samba dancing.

Article originally appeared on https://viewfinder.expedia.com/features/us-sailing-team-powered-expedia/

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49er & 49erFX Skiff Summer Tour Announced

– Courtesy US Sailing –


February 13, 2016

Portsmouth, R.I. – Following up on the successful effort to bring World Championship 49er and 49erFX skiff racing to North American shores, US Sailing has announced a 2016 Skiff Summer Tour, scheduled to take place over six events from July to September. With two events on the U.S. west coast, two in Ontario, Canada, and two on the U.S. east coast, the 2016 Skiff Summer Tour will be continental in scope.

“Skiff sailing in North America is back,” said Charlie McKee, US Sailing’s High Performance Director and a 49er Olympic medalist. “After having the 49er and 49erFX World Championships in Clearwater, we are keen to keep the momentum going, and facilitate as much high-quality skiff activity as possible.”

Schedule: 2016 Skiff Summer Tour

The 2016 Skiff Summer Tour has been organized with the help of US Sailing’s Olympic Development Program (ODP). For more information on how to work with the ODP, contact Leandro Spina, Youth Development Director, US Sailing, at youthdevelopment@ussailing.org or +1 (401) 835 1651.

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49er.ca Canadian Grand Prix

Hi everyone,
The water is open here in Kingston so its time to start pulling the gear out! Here is an updated schedule for the 49er.ca Canadian Grand Prix:

Ice Breakers at TS&CC, Toronto – May 20-21

RCYC Skiff, Toronto – June 11-12

9er Canadians, Kingston – July 30-Aug 1

CORK, Kingston – August 19-22

North American Championship, Newport – Aug 26-28th

US Nationals at Oakcliff – Sept 16-18

Mark your calendars today!

- Arielle Morgan, Canadian President

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2016 International 49er Class AGM

Hello to all,

Here are the minutes for the 2016 49er International Class AGM held in Barcelona ESP just before the Europeans:

2016 AGM Minutes

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Miami Skiff Midwinters

The Miami Skiff Midwinters has wrapped up with North American teams sending it hard and bringing home results before the continental qualifiers!

49erFX Team Rafuse / Boyd hot off qualifying CAN for Rio 2016 win the 2016 FX mids!

49er Team Funky / Burd put on a strong 3rd day to take the win over Barrows / Morris with Mori / Barnes in 3rd.

Next up is World Cup Miami for the continental Olympic qualifier, then on to Clearwater Beach for Worlds!

Full results:


49er (32 boats) (top)

Series Standing – 6 races scored

Information is provisional and subject to modification
Regatta results last updated: Monday, January 18, 2016 2:27:43 PM CDT
Click on race number to view detailed race information.

Pos,Sail, Skipper, Hometown, Country, Results, Total Points
1. 50, Brad Funk/Trevor Burd, Largo, FL, USA, 2-2-1-[21]-5-4- ; 14
2. SWE 16, Carl P. Sylan/Marcus Anjemark, Gothenburg, V.Frolunda, SWE, [21]-6-7-8-6-1- ; 28
3. 905, David Mori/Justin Barnes, Oakville, Ontario, CAN, 6-9-9-1-4-[12]- ; 29
4. USA 808, Thomas Barrows/Joseph Morris, Annapolis, Maryland, USA, 1-1-[14]-5-14-11- ; 32
5. ita 187, uberto crivelli visconti/gianmarco togni, roma, italia, ITA, [16]-5-6-6-15-3- ; 35
6. bra 332, marco grael/Gabriel borges, miami, florida, BRA, 12-[33/DNF]-3-4-13-5- ; 37T
7. POL 52, Tomasz Januszewski/Jacek Nowak, Mrągowo, Mrągowo, POL, 8-3-4-11-11-[13]- ; 37T
8. SUI 111, Sebastien Schneiter/Lucien Cujean, Anières, Geneva, SUI, 9-8-8-3-9-[17]- ; 37T
9. USA 510, David Liebenberg/Daniel Morris, Livermore, CA, USA, 4-[22]-11-7-16-7- ; 45
10. 7, David Gilmour/Lewis Brake, Perth, Wa, AUS, [18]-13-2-10-8-14- ; 47
11. SWE 21, Fritiof Hedström/Victor Västernäs, Göteborg, Sverige, SWE, 24-4-[33/BFD]-13-2-8- ; 51
12. 118, Chris Taylor/Sam Batten, Portland, Dorset, GBR, 7-12-[19]-19-12-6- ; 56
13. 284, Alec Anderson/Chris Brockbank, Road Town, Tortola, IVB, 10-[20]-16-15-19-2- ; 62
14. 311, John Ferguson/Arthur Ferguson, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN, 5-19-13-[20]-20-9- ; 66
15. SWE 500, Victor Bergström/Niclas During, Göteborg, Sweden, SWE, 17-7-12-9-24-[33/DNF]- ; 69
16. 600, Rory Hunter/Neil Hunter, Isle of arran, Scotland, GBR, [19]-18-5-14-17-16- ; 70
17. 113, Dane Wilson/Riley Gibbs, Ojai, CA, USA, 14-10-10-[33/BFD]-18-21- ; 73
18. 1400, Jonny Goldsberry/Chad Freitas, Sausalito, CA, USA, 23-21-22-12-3-[24]- ; 81
19. 316, Ganapathy Kelapanda/Varun Thakkar, CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU, IND, 3-14-[23]-22-23-20- ; 82
20. 201, Wade Waddell/Ian MacDiarmid, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, 20-16-15-17-[22]-19- ; 87
21. 1168, Alexander Heinzemann/Clifton Kartner, Delta, British Columbia, CAN, 13-23-[33/BFD]-24-10-18- ; 88T
22. CHI 700, Benjamin Grez/Cristobal Grez, Santiago, RM, CHI, 11-11-[33/BFD]-18-33/DNF-15- ; 88T
23. 360, Jack Hawkins/Chris Thomas, Truro, cornwall, GBR, 27-26-21-[33/BFD]-7-10- ; 91
24. GBR 6, Stuart Bithell, Barcelona, Barcelona, ESP, [33/DNC]-33/DNC-33/DNC-2-1-33/DNS- ; 102
25. 31, Max Flinn/cameron saywer, Chester, Nova Scotia, CAN, 22-[25]-18-16-25-23- ; 104
26. 914, Andrew Mollerus/Matthew Mollerus, Larchmont, New York, USA, 26-17-20-[33/BFD]-21-22- ; 106
27. USA 1160, Mitchell Kiss/Scott Ewing, Holland, MI, USA, [28]-27-17-23-26-25- ; 118
28. USA 17, Frederick Strammer/Michael Kuschner, Nokomis, Florida, USA, 15-15-[33/DNS]-33/DNS-33/DNS-33/DNS- ; 129
29. 366, David Ames/P.J. Buhler, Tampa, Florida, USA, 25-24-24-[33/DNS]-33/DNS-33/DNS- ; 139
30. 59, Justus Schmidt/Max Boehme, Kiel, SH, GER, [33/DNC]-33/DNC-33/DNC-33/DNC-33/DNC-33/DNC- ; 165T
31. 29, Benjamin Bildstein/David Hussl, wolfurt, vorarlberg, AUT, [33/DNC]-33/DNC-33/DNC-33/DNC-33/DNC-33/DNC- ; 165T
32. AUT 84, Nico Delle Karth/Nikolaus Resch, Innsbruck, Tirol, AUT, [33/DNC]-33/DNC-33/DNC-33/DNC-33/DNC-33/DNC- ; 165T

49erFX (31 boats) (top)
Series Standing – 7 races scored

Information is provisional and subject to modification
Regatta results last updated: Monday, January 18, 2016 2:58:54 PM CDT
Click on race number to view detailed race information.

Pos,Sail, Skipper, Hometown, Country, Results, Total Points
1. CAN812, Erin Rafuse/Danielle Boyd, Halifax, Northwest-Territorie, CAN, [15]-5-13-2-3-9-4- ; 36
2. 381, Lisa Ericson/Hanna Klinga, Göteborg, gothenburg, SWE, 6-[17]-11-1-2-6-11- ; 37
3. bra12, martine Grael/kahena kunze, miami, florida, BRA, [22]-4-20-3-1-1-9- ; 38
4. GBR 248, Sophie Weguelin/Anna Burnett, Portland, Dorset, GBR, 12-2-3-10-[16]-3-16- ; 46
5. 22, Charlotte Dobson/Sophie Ainsworth, Portland, Dorset, GBR, 5-7-[14]-4-6-12-13- ; 47
6. DEN 71, Jena mai Hansen/Katja Salskov-Iversen, Holbaek, Holbaek, DEN, 1-12-[32/BFD]-11-9-15-3- ; 51
7. GER 6, Victoria Jurczok/Anika Lorenz, Kiel, SH, GER, 3-24-1-5-17-2-[32/DNC]- ; 52
8. AUS 41, Tess Lloyd/Caitlin Elks Elks, Melbourne, VIC, AUS, 19-13-2-8-5-10-[20]- ; 57
9. 224, Emily Dellenbaugh/Elizabeth Barry, Easton, CT, USA, [20]-6-4-16-12-5-17- ; 60
10. 25, Julia Gross/Cecilia Jonsson, Saltsjöbaden, Stockholm, SWE, 7-16-5-13-21-[32/BFD]-2- ; 64
11. CAN 514, Arielle Morgan/Heather Myatt, Westmount, QC, CAN, 27-3-16-[32/BFD]-8-4-12- ; 70
12. DEN 11, Ida Marie Baad Nielsen/Marie Thusgaard Olsen, Aarhus C, Danmark, DEN, 11-26-6-6-7-[32/BFD]-18- ; 74
13. ARG19, Victoria Travascio/María Sol Branz, La Plata, Buenos Aires, ARG, 13-[27]-19-7-18-16-5- ; 78
14. DEN 49, Maiken Schütt/Anne-Julie Foght Schütt, Aarhus C, Aarhus C, DEN, 9-[22]-17-22-4-8-19- ; 79
15. GER 77, leonie meyer/elena stoffers, Kiel, Schleswig-holstein, GER, 14-14-8-15-20-11-[32/DNC]- ; 82T
16. ISV 391, Mayumi Roller/Agustina Barbuto, St. John, VI, ISV, 16-[29]-10-9-19-14-14- ; 82T
17. AUS 14, Haylee Outteridge/Nina Curtis, Wangi Wangi, NSW, AUS, 17-25-12-17-11-[32/BFD]-1- ; 83
18. 611, CHIKA HATAE/HIROKA ITAKURA, Kariya-shi,Takara-machi, Aichi, JPN, 25-[28]-9-21-14-13-6- ; 88
19. SIN 284, Kimberly Lim/Cecilia Low, Singapore, Singapore, SIN, 8-10-[25]-18-15-21-24- ; 96
20. AUS 88, Olivia Price/Eliza Solly, Drummoyne, NSW, AUS, [31]-30-22-19-13-7-7- ; 98
21. USA 826, Paris Henken/Helena Scutt, Coronado, CA, USA, 24-21-18-12-10-19-[25]- ; 104
22. AUT 24, Laura Schöfegger/Elsa Lovrek, Sankt Gilgen, Austria, AUT, 2-18-21-24-[32/BFD]-32/BFD-10- ; 107
23. 808, Saki Matsunae/Sayoko Harada, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken, JPN, [26]-8-23-14-22-23-21- ; 111
24. 194, ARANTZA GUMUCIO/BEGOÑA GUMUCIO, SANTIAGO, RM, CHI, 18-1-[32/DNC]-23-32/DNC-17-23- ; 114
25. USA 816, Genevieve Tulloch/Maggie Shea, Houston, Texas, USA, 28-[31]-15-20-23-20-15- ; 121
26. GER 810, Jule Görge/Lotta Görge, Kiel, SH, GER, 21-20-7-[32/BFD]-32/BFD-18-32/DNC- ; 130
27. USA548, Kate Shaner/Caroline Atwood, Kirkland, Washington, USA, 23-19-24-[32/DNC]-32/DNC-22-22- ; 142
28. 161, Tina Lutz/Susann Beucke, Holzhauseb, Bayern, GER, 4-11-[32/DNC]-32/DNC-32/DNC-32/DNC-32/DNC- ; 143
29. 47, Annemiek Bekkering/Annette Duetz, Den Haag, Zuid Holland, NED, 10-9-[32/DNC]-32/DNC-32/DNC-32/DNC-32/DNC- ; 147
30. 171, varsha gautham, chennai, tamil nadu, IND, 29-23-[32/DNF]-32/BFD-24-32/DNC-8- ; 148
31. NOR 888, Ragna Agerup/Maia agerup, OSLO, Oslo, NOR, 30-15-[32/DNC]-32/DNC-32/DNC-32/DNC-32/DNC- ; 173

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Coast Guard: Search suspended for missing Olympic sailor Trevor Moore

(CNN)A three-day search for a missing Olympic sailor has ended without success. The Coast Guard says it suspended the search for Trevor Moore, in Biscayne Bay, Florida, Saturday evening at sunset.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the loved ones affected,” said Coast Guard spokesman Capt. Michael Long. “Despite the tireless search efforts by multiple agencies and good Samaritans, we were unable to find Mr. Moore.”

The search for Moore began Thursday by boat and helicopter, after security personnel at Dinner Key Marina, Miami, found his unmanned, 16-foot boat after it had drifted into the marina shortly before 6 p.m. The engine was still running and Moore’s personal belongings were onboard.

The Coast Guard and partner agencies covered more than 510 square nautical miles and completed more than 29 search patterns before suspending the search, according to Coast Guard officials.

Moore was a member of the 2012 U.S. Olympic sailing team. He finished 15th in the 49er class event — a two-person team race in a high-performance dinghy similar to a small sailboat.

Moore graduated from New York’s Hobart and William Smith Colleges in 2007, according to his Team USA profile.

Moore has split his time living in North Pomfret, Vermont, and Naples, Florida, the site said.

AnneClaire Stapleton, CNN

Story originally published on http://www.cnn.com/2015/06/27/us/missing-olympian-search-suspended/

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Long Beach OCR

Alamitos Bay Yacht Club welcomed the 49er class to their Olympic Classes Regatta this year.  Five 49ers competed in the event, which proved to be great practice.  Seven races were schedule with four on Saturday and three on Sunday.  Both days started out somewhat un-Long Beach-like with overcast skies and light winds that can be attributed to “May Gray” or “June Gloom.”  As each day went on the cloud cover burned off by the last race or two and the normal Long Beach sea breeze would begin to build.  The light and shifty conditions that prevailed for most of the racing proved to be a great opportunity to practice in a formal setting against some teams that really enjoyed the conditions; however, we were happy to stretch our legs once the wind had come up at the end of each day.
Riley and I sailed a consistent regatta across the limited range of conditions to take the win with Dane Wilson and Willie McBride coming in a very close second.  Quinn Wilson and Evan Heffernan really pushed everyone to the limit, particularly in the lighter conditions, to round out the podium in third.  A big thanks to Alamitos Bay Yacht Club for including us at what is typically a regatta for Finns and Lasers as well as to Zack Maxam, Craig Wilson, and John Downing for providing on the water support or coaching.
-Zack Downing, USA 126

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Lineup Set for TO2015 Pan Am’s

As of early February, the 49erFX lineup has been set for the TO2015 Pan American Games:

ARG – Victoria Tracascio & Maria Sol Branz – ARG 19

BRA – Martine Grael & Kahena Kunze – BRA 1

CAN – Erin Rafuse & Danielle Boyd – CAN 812

CHI – Arantza & Begona Gumicio  – CHI 194

ISV – Mayumi Roller & Kayla McComb – ISV 391

USA – Paris Henken & Helena Scutt – USA 826

Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!

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