Lineup Set for TO2015 Pan Am’s

As of early February, the 49erFX lineup has been set for the TO2015 Pan American Games:

ARG – Victoria Tracascio & Maria Sol Branz – ARG 19

BRA – Martine Grael & Kahena Kunze – BRA 1

CAN – Erin Rafuse & Danielle Boyd – CAN 812

CHI – Arantza & Begona Gumicio  – CHI 194

ISV – Mayumi Roller & Kayla McComb – ISV 391

USA – Paris Henken & Helena Scutt – USA 826

Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!

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2015 CAN and USA Sailing Teams Announced

Both Sail Canada and US Sailing Association have announced their 2015 national sailing teams, and their skiff lineups!

Canadian Sailing Team, presented by Volvo
David Mori & Justin Barnes – CAN 905
John & Arthur Ferguson – CAN 311

Erin Rafuse & Dannie Boyd – CAN 812 *

US Sailing Team Sperry
Brad Funk & Trevor Burd – USA 50
Dave Liebenberg & Dan Morris – USA 510
Fred Strammer & Mike Kuschner – USA 17 (Development)

Paris Henken & Helena Scutt – USA 826 *
Debbie Capozzi & Molly Vandemoer – USA 816
Emily Dellenbaugh & Liz Barry – USA 224

* Denotes qualification for TO2015 Pan American Games

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2015 NA Champions Crowned

As a preview of the 2016 Worlds, Clearwater gave us a bit of everything during the 2015 NA’s…

Day 1 – blown out, with breezes over 30 and chop that would give a Coast Guard cutter trouble

Day 2 – Sea breeze 15 – 20 kts from the NW and lumpy seas

Day 3 – Breeze 5 – 10 kts with eventual Northerly sea breeze

Day 4 – Light, up to 8 kts with a shifty Southerly sea breeze

In the end, the most consistent teams across the conditions took home the silverware! For our North American championship, we had some surprise winners. For the 49er, from the British Virgin Islands, IVB 284 Alec Anderson & Chris Brockbank narrowly beat out US veterans Funk/Burd on countback. Meanwhile in the 49erFX, youth male team and current US 49erFX champs Wade Waddell & Ian MacDiarmid (USA), dethroned both Rafuse/Boyd (CAN) and Henken/Scutt (USA) to take home the Frank Bethwaite Cup!

USA President Joe Morris and CAN President Arielle Morgan present the trophy to IVB 284, 2015 NA Champs

See you all next year in Clearwater!

49er Winners Chamapagne Toast:

49erFX Winners Champagne Toast:

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Big News – USA Development Team

Check out the big new from the US Development Team:

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Minutes – North American Class meeting in Miami

Here are some notes from the meeting on Thursday, January 15th 2015 at the Miami Rowing Club. We had a great turnout! Thank you to everyone who came and contributed to the meeting!

1. Intl class dues are 20 euros, about $30, pay here:

2. Intl class updates were summarized. Full details here:
3. Canadian regatta schedule:
  • Icebreakers in Toronto at the end of May
  • Early June event in Kingston/Ottawa
  • Late june event in Toronto
  • Mid July Event TBD
The big events (helps with ISAF ranking!!):
  • Canadian Championship is July 31-August 2 (50 ISAF points)
  • CORK is August 15-19th (100 ISAF points, Equivalent to Palma, Euros, etc)
  • These will both be well run regattas and will make up a great training block in Kingston.
  • Americans are interested but think it will be a challenge to get Oakcliff boats there.
4. US National Champs
End of August at Oakcliff again was suggested.
Pros: Supplied boats, possibility of good timing with CORK
Cons: Not really a great venue for wind. Very easy to get 3 days of no sailing.
Ideal timing between events was suggested at ranging between 4 days to a week (shorter for those traveling from the West coast)
Clearwater in December was also suggested.
Pros: Encourage international boats to participate, good venue
Cons: American College students still in school/exams, transporting Oakcliff boats.
Ultimately, the consensus was that there should be a regatta in Clearwater in December, regardless of it being US Nats or not.
It seems that a US nationals event about a week after CORK was the preference. Canadians will go to US Nationals if Americans will come up and sail CORK and Canadians. Let’s make this 3 event block big!!
It was also suggested that a different venue in the area, such as Newport be used.
5. US east coast event (s)
- Newport week : has been a good event. Not much interest from the crowd at the meeting.
6. West coast circuit
- There will be a few 49ers on the west coast that are keen to do some events. If they can get enough boats they want to piggy-back on some existing events.
- It seems that there will be several boats in California for September might link up for some training
7. Pan American Games : happening in Toronto next July. Qualifier for all countries except Canada is the Miami SWC
8. Clearwater Worlds: talk to Europeans teams and make sure they know its going to be a good event and will be there
9. 2016 NA Champs
- Time for them to get out of Florida
- CORK 2016 suggested
- Will be revisited later
10. New boats for 2015/16
- Wait time can be 4-5 months, be sure to put orders in early
- Arielle Morgan, Canadian President

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2015 49erNA Class Meeting


The NA class will be hosting a meeting next week in Miami to take advantage of having a large number of sailors all in the same place at the same time. We will discuss class business, racing, training, logistics and other business.

Please be sure to mark your calendars and do attend. The meeting will take place at 3:30 PM, on Thursday January 15th at the Miami Rowing Club boat park. Attendance is mandatory for all NA 49er or FX sailors. Please be sure plan your sailing / rest calendar around the meeting.

We will be posting an agenda later this week. Of course, if there are any items that you would like to discuss please let me, or Arielle or Tburd know (copied above).

Please also be sure to pay your international class dues for 2015 on the website.

Thanks and see you all soon.

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Event Quotas for WC Miami Raised

The OA for World Cup Miami has raised the entry quota for the 49er class to 60 boats:

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NOR for 2015 NA’s Posted!

The 2015 49er and 49erFX North American Championships, to be held in Clearwater, FL has just published its regatta website and NOR.

**Please also take note of a date change: February 5 – 8, 2015.

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California Training

Three rookie California teams just completed a training / racing camp in Long Beach, CA over the US Thanksgiving weekend.

The teams were USA 510 Liebenberg / Morris; USA 113 McBride / Wilson; USA 1383 Downing / Gibbs!

Here’s the video, courtesy of McBride.Wilson:

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NOR for Mid Winters Posted

The event website for the Mid Winters is the same as last year:

The NOR is here.

The event runs Jan 17 – 19, 2015 just before World Cup Miami and is a great chance for young teams to race against the best! This event is part of the 49erNA Winter Series.

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