2014 49er.ca Canadian Grand Prix

The 2014 Canadian 49er GP Events are expected to be as follows:

And not officially on the Grand Prix but a recommended event:

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2014 US Nationals

Oakcliff Sailing Centre has released the NOR for the 2014 US National Championships. The event will take place immediately following CORK, Aug 22-24 in Oyster Bay, NY for the 2nd consecutive year. NOR is here, mark your calendars today!

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Join the Intl 49er Class!

2013 was a great year for class growth in 49er. The class association grew from ~100-150 members per year to 450 members in 2013. This was partly due to the 49erFX teams joining, and partly due to the efforts of our builders, dealers, and regatta partners ensuring all sailors participating in regatta are members of the class. So far in 2014 we have 160 members signed up already. PLEASE JOIN THE CLASS NOW: http://www.regattanetwork.com/membermgmt/49ER/membership_registration_start.php

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2014 49erNA Class Meeting – Notes

Hi all,
Thank you to those that attended and contributed to the 49er and 49er FX North American class meeting today.

Here is what was discussed:

1. Class development: The class has grown significantly in the past year especially with the addition to the 49erFX class but it is really important that we continue to support to athletes new to the fleet and promote the class to younger sailors. A bigger fleet is beneficial to every level sailor.

2. Grand Prix Circuit (North East) – schedule to be released soon
Confirmed events: Ice Breakers (Toronto), Ottawa Skiff, Canadians (Halifax) and CORK (Kingston).
US Nationals, see below
Events between Ottawa skiff and Canadians is still TBC. Options are RCYC Skiff, TRY, Newport or National Event.
[Both Newport and National Event are the weekend before Canadians, which could interfere with a training camp before Canadians]

Newport Regatta
Concerns: Canadians are interested in going to the event if they know there will be Americans attending. The travel time does not make sense to race against only Canadians.

Nothing was concluded on this topic for those regattas for the moment. More information bout the 49er development team summer plans will contribute to decision making.

3. West Coast: West Coast teams will keep us in the loop about any possible events on the west coast. West Coast sailors should contact Ian Woodbury (vp@49er.ca) for this.

4. US Nationals

Timing: Last year there were 2 days between CORK and US Nats, held at Oakcliff. Some people felt this was not enough time. The downside of moving it later would be: a) some people travelling from West Coast or elsewhere might be less likely to attend both events, b) interfering with when teams want to leave for ISAF Worlds.
Some other ideas were suggested as well, like making Newport Regatta the US Nationals, or holding the US Nationals in October, either at Oakcliff or possibly at Heineken. The “fun” aspect of this regatta made it seem less appropriate as a US National Championship. General consensus seemed to prefer the after CORK timing.

Venue: Some people expressed dissatisfaction with the Oakcliff facilities, particularly the launching area. It was mentioned that it might be better to sail a bit farther out too. Trevor B. assured group that these thing could be discussed with regatta organizers.

Fleet size: Same idea as Newport, Canadians want to be sure that there will be many Americans at the event to make it worth the trip. Advantage of having the event at Oakcliff or a venue that Oakcliff could support is that there are charter boats available to contribute to fleet numbers.

5. 2015 North Americans
Ben Remocker (int’l 49er AND 49er FX class manager) discussed 2015 North Americans
Main points:
- In Clearwater, FL, as a test event for the 2016 Worlds.
- Held about 5 days after Miami OCR
- Logistics to sort out would be for Europeans (for example) to ship their boats to Clearwater and then back to Europe from there.
- Very supportive organizer keen to make it happen and accommodate sailors.

North American fleet liked the idea, and were not personally concerned with the logistics. Only that the logistics work best to get the biggest fleet possible at the event.

6. Trevor Burd is looking for a replacement as American class president. Not enough Americans were present for any changes. If you are an American interested in fulfilling this important role, please contact Trevor Burd.

If you have any questions, concerns or ideas please do not hesitate to message me or email me at president@49er.ca or contact Trevor Burd

- Arielle Morgan, Cdn 49er & FX Class President

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2014 NA Class Meeting

There will be a class meeting today Friday January 24th at 4pm in the boat park at Miami Rowing Club. Attendance is mandatory for those that are in Miami.


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2014 Midwinters – Coaches Regatta

January 11-12 US and Canadian coaches Luther Carpenter and Mark Asquith ran a training regatta in Miami for the 49er & FX fleets. It was affectionately called the mid-winters. This is ahead of the upcoming North American Championship & ISAF World Cup Miami regattas later this month.

In the 49er class, the top 5 shook out as follows:
Brad Funk & Trevor Burd (USA): 1-5-1-2-2-5: 16
Yukia Makino & Kenji Takahashi (JPN): 5-4-4-1-1-2: 17
Thomas Barrows & Joe Morris (USA): 3-7-13-4-6-1: 34
Matt Mollerus & Andrew Mollerus (USA): 6-2-10-8-5-7: 38
Trevor Moore & Zach Brown (USA): 4-1-2-16-4-19: 46

FX results to come. Here’s a shot snapped by Coach Mark from the “RC vessel” (aka his RIB).

Credit: Mark Asquith

Next up: 2014 Seiko 49er & 49erFX North American Championships (Jan 18-20) & ISAF World Cup Miami (Jan 26 – Feb 1).

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2014 49er.ca 49erFX Boat Grant

With the aim of bringing younger sailors into the Canadian 49er class, Pitch Pole Skiff Products (aka 49er.ca) will be providing charter boats to young sailors interested in sailing the Olympic class 49erFX skiff. The charter boats will be a complete 49erFX with dolly, a carbon mast and ready to race for a period of one year.  This is a perfect opportunity for young Laser, C420 or 29er sailors, both male and female, looking to make the jump into the exciting 49er or 49erFX class!

Here are the details of the program:

  • 49erFX Complete including dolly and top cover, ready to sail
  • Carbon mast and current sails (FX configuration)
  • One year charter period:
    • January 31st, 2014 to January 31st, 2015
  • Pickup and drop-off in Montreal, QC (or Miami, FL)
  • For athletes 21 years old and younger
  • Cost $2,000 per year

In order to qualify for the charter program, the athletes must agree to the following terms:

  • The athletes must be a team of two, willing to sail together for at least one year.
  • The athletes should be part of a National, Provincial or club training program.
  • During the charter period the athletes are expected to train and race regularly in the Canadian and North American circuits. Additionally, the athletes are free to bring the boats down to Florida to train or participate in the Miami World Cup.
  • If anything breaks on the boat, the athletes are expected to repair / replace it (it is their own boat for 1 year).
  • The boat shall be returned in original condition, less wear & tear
  • The athletes shall attend all 49er.ca Grand Prix events
  • The athletes will provide regular photo and written reports to the class ass’n

Interested athletes should complete their application and return it to the Canadian 49er Class Association President for consideration. Your application should include:

  • Outline schedule for 2014 season
  • Sailing resume
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Head shots and bio
  • Short cover letter, outlining their qualifications for the program

Applications shall be submitted by email to Arielle Morgan on or before Friday, December 13th, 2012. A decision on the selected athletes will subsequently be made by December 20th, and all parties will be notified. If you need more information on the program, please contact the undersigned.

Thanks and hope to see the young-guns out there!

Trevor Parekh

Pitch Pole Skiff Products Inc.

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2014 49er & FX North American Championships

Event Website: http://cgsc-nac.sailspace.net/

2014 NOR1_NA_Miami

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2014 Winter Schedule

Hey everyone, this is long overdue, but here is the winter schedule for 49er & FX:

Dec 31 – Jan 3                         US Training Camp (Canadians welcome)

Jan 4-5                                                 Coach Regatta (run by Luther/Asquith)

Jan 7-8                                                 Training

Jan 10-12                                             Midwinters

Jan 14-16                                             Training

Jan 18-20                                             North Americans

Jan 26- Feb1                            Miami SWC

Looks like most teams will be down in late November / early December to commence their winter training schedules.

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NOR and Registration online for 2013 US Nationals!

Registration here.

49er & 49erFX US National Championships

Oakcliff Sailing
Oyster Bay, NY, USA
22 – 26 August, 2013
The Organizing Authority is Oakcliff Sailing in conjunction with the
North American 49er Class Association and the North American
NACRA 17 Class Association.
1.1 The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing
1.2 RRS Appendix P, Immediate Penalties for breaking Rule 42, will apply
1.3 For the medal race, ISAF Addendum Q (as posted on the official notice board) takes
precedence over any conflicting instructions.
1.4 The Class and Championship Rules of the International 49er Class and the NACRA
17 Class Association will apply. IHC stickers will not be required on masts and sails
as well as country flags on sails.
1.5 US Sailing Prescriptions 61.4, 67, 70.5 (a) and 76.1 will apply.
1.6 If there is a conflict between languages the English text will take precedence.
Boats may be required to display advertising chosen and supplied by the Organising
3.1 Competitors shall comply with ISAF Eligibility Rules.
3.2 All competitors shall be fully paid-up members of the International 49er Class or
NACRA 17 Class Association as applicable to the fleet they are racing in. Dues can
be paid at: http://www.regattanetwork.com/membermgmt/49ER/membership_registration_start.php
3.3 Entries should be received by the Organizing Authority no later than 23rd August
2013, online registration can be found:


3.4 Competitors can enter by completing the attached registration form and returning it to
Entry Fee: $150.00 (until 1st August 2013), $200.00 (after 1st August 2013)
5.1 The Championship will consist of a championship series and a medal race. The top
ten finishers in the championship series will advance to the medal race.
5.2 The format of racing will be detailed in the Sailing Instructions.
6.1 The Championship schedule will be as follows:
Thursday 22 August 0800 Boat Park Opens
1600-1700 Media in boat park (Sailing Team Uniforms)
1730 Opening Ceremonies (Shore Team Uniforms
or Smart Casual Dress)
1800 Dinner (2 tickets included, additional tickets may be
Friday 23 August 0900 – 1800 Measurement/Registration/Inspection
1500 Practice Race
Saturday 24 August 0900 Competitors meeting
1100 Championship Races
Sunday 25 August 1100 Championship Races
Monday 26 August 1100 Championship Races
1500 Medal Races
Prize Giving and Closing Ceremony as soon
as possible after the end of Medal Races
6.2 On Monday 26 August there will be no warning signal after 1700
7.1 All boats may be inspected for class rules compliance prior to racing, according to the
Schedule of Events.
7.2 For the 49er and FX only one set of sails and one forestay shall be used throughout
the duration of the Championship.
7.3 Equipment shall only be replaced with permission of the Jury.
3 / 6

7.4 For the 49erFX class only, prototype equipment is permitted and in such, sails and
masts do not require ICA stickers.
The Sailing Instructions will be available at registration and online.
The 2013 NACRA 17, 49er & 49erFX US National Championship will be held at
Oakcliff Sailing – Long Island Sound, Oyster Bay, NY, USA.
All courses will be windward/leeward with a gate at the leeward end of the course,
with boats finishing to starboard of the race committee vessel.
RRS 44.1 and RRS P2.1 are changed so that the Two-Turns penalty is replaced by a
One-Turn penalty.
12.1 The Low Points Scoring System of RRS Appendix A will apply.
12.2 At least 1 race is required to be completed to constitute the Championship. When 5 or
more championship series races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be
the total of her race scores excluding her worst score.
12.3 In medal races, a boat’s score shall be double the number of points specified in RRS
Appendix A4.1, and the score for that race shall not be excluded from the series
12.4 Ties in the series score between boats with different medal race point scores shall be
broken in favour of the boat that scored better in the medal race. This changes
Appendix A8.
12.5 At the discretion of the Organising Authority, the final round(s) may be of an
experimental format.
13.1 Support boats shall be registered with the Organising Authority and will be required to
comply with local legislation and event support boat regulations. Moorings for support
boats may be available thru Oakcliff Sailing. Team leaders/coaches shall complete
on-site registration at the race office at the venue.
13.2 All support boats shall clearly display the 3 letter national code of their ISAF Member
National Authority at all times while afloat. The minimum height for the letters shall be
13.3 If called upon support boats will be required to act as rescue boats.
Prizes will be announced and awarded at the end of the finals for the first three places
in each fleet (NACRA 17, 49er & 49erFX). The top US 49er team will be awarded the
perpetual US 49er National Championship trophy.
Except in an emergency a boat shall neither make nor receive radio transmissions,
text messages or cellular phone calls while racing.
Each participating boat shall present a valid insurance certificate showing proof of
third party liability coverage of at least USD 1,000,000 (or equivalent) per incident.
Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See Rule 4, Decision
to Race. The Organising Authority will not accept ant liability for material damage or
personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the
18.1 By participating in the Championship competitors automatically grant to the
Organising Authority, NACRA 17 and the International 49er Class Association and
their sponsors, the right in perpetuity to make, use and show, from time to time at
their discretion, any motion pictures and live, taped or filmed television and other
reproductions of the athlete during the period of competition without compensation.
18.2 Boats may be required to carry cameras, sound equipment or positioning equipment
as specified by the Organising Authority.
18.3 Competitors may be required for interviews and press conferences at the
1. Charter Boats
Upon request charter boats will be available from the Oakcliff Sailing. Interested parties shall
contact Luther Carpenter, luth2008@mac.com . Luther for Nacra and 49er?
Parties can also contact class president Trevor Parekh, trevor@49er.ca for charters.
2. Racing area : Cold Spring Harbor, West Harbor or Long Island Sound off Bayville.
3. General Info :
Please see: http://www.oakcliffsailing.org/about/logistics
4. Organizing Authority
Oakcliff Sailing
4 South St, Oyster Bay, NY, USA, 11771 • 516-802-0368 • race@oakcliffsailing.org •


49erNA Class Association
5 / 6

www.49erNA.org • tburd097@gmail.com • trevor@49er.ca • +1 514 944 1705
NACRA 17 Class Association
Lenandro Spina leandrospina@ussailing.org 401 835 1651

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